Illustrator. Artist. Writer.
In brief: a creative creature.

How I began…

My whole life I crave to make, explore and play. I left the art academy to go and work for an advertising agency. Later I started my own company and worked both as an illustrator and writer for Sanoma media, Hearst Magazines, New Skool Media, WPG Uitgevers, Unieboek Spectrum, Leyden Academy and many more. I am known for using text in my images and images in my text. For colour and humor. Because, well, life is even better with a bit of colour and humor.


I still paint and draw daily but mainly work as a creatives’ mentor. I am the founder of The Creatives Club with it’s year long program Your Creative Success. Inspiring, teaching and motivating makers and creative entrepreneurs is something I love to do (since 2004). Both under my own name and for creative educators nationally and internationally. With my mentoring clients I focus on mindset, guts, presence, clarity, money, play and creating.

Work with me for art and illustration

So now and then I still say ‘Yesssss!’ (this is a yes with a big smile) to commissions and collaborations I can’t resist. So do reach out I you feel we are a match.

Work with me for creatives’ mentoring

Look at my other website at, for creatives who speak Dutch.

I write and draw